When you call someone and they have a good song as their ringback tone

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Everybody is in a relationship or is in love.

I’m just here like:

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whispering at the top of my lungs

be a friend.

people should spend less time bragging about themselves being the shit, and more time telling others that theyre the shit.

be a friend.

if a friend tells you they really wants something, dont go after it and try and get it before they can.

be a friend.

when you do something nice, dont brag and put it on facebook hoping everyone believes that you actually did it to be nice- when really you did to put on facebook and brag to everyone about. if its that spectacular, people will notice. 

be a friend.

spend more time on improving your inner beauty, and people will stay around longer (outward appearance draws people in, but inner beauty keeps them around)

be genuine.

be a friend.

be a good friend.